The Survival Paradox

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The Survival Paradox

Change vs stability at Apple and any immortal company
  • Will your company still be here five years from now?
  • The life cycle of companies will dramatically shorten in the next decade. The future of any company, big or small, is now at risk.

In The Survival Paradox, renowned corporate survival expert Fons Van Dyck offers any manager a proven guide for lasting survival in the difficult years ahead.

The key to corporate survival lies in mastering a delicate paradoxical balance between the need for change and the need for stability, consistency and continuity. This survival paradox implies that a company that unilaterally focuses on change, or sets extreme short-term objectives, is at great risk of failure. This book stresses the importance of a company's identity and culture as a compass for survival in the long run.

The Survival Paradox introduces the unique AGIL paradigm: four key functions that any company has to fulfil to survive. More specifically, an immortal company knows how to ...

  • Adapt intelligently to a changing world Achieve its goals with a single-minded strategy
  • Engage its employees, stakeholders, partners and customers in a unique, integrated system Guard and preserve its DNA (identity and culture) over time

In combining innovative original research with the story of Apple's wins and failures throughout its turbulent ongoing 40-year history, Van Dyck leads the way to mastering change and thriving in today's age of disruption. The Survival Paradox is a compelling and impassioned plea in favour of long-term thinking, and a survival kit packed with practical do's and don'ts for any entrepreneur.

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